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In a bold and daring move, DANI by Daniel K has created a unique, fine jewelry collection in a manner the world has never seen before. Positioning himself as an innovator in this field, Daniel Koren is bringing the know-how of handmade, fine craftsmanship from the luxury, high-end spectrum and applying it to his DANI by Daniel K collection. The assortment features chic, bold and beautiful rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings and bracelets made of expertly cut simulated diamonds set in dazzling sterling silver.

Simulated diamonds are made from synthetic rough, and come in different qualities - the best of which are made in America. Creative Director, Daniel Koren requires that only the top 10-20% of the best cubic zirconia rough available is used in the creation of his jewelry. The top-grade, flawless, colorless simulated diamonds are then hand-cut on a diamond wheel in the same way as natural diamonds. The durable AAA quality simulated diamonds feature a hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale. The jewelry is all hand-polished and justly finished using a plating of 2.5+ microns depth in precious metals such as 14 karat gold or in rhodium flash plate. These metals and treatments give a beautiful and durable finish to each design.

This novel concept has not been seen before in any other jewelry collection and sets DANI by Daniel K above the rest in affordable luxury and fine jewelry. The incredible effort and craftsmanship invested into individual pieces is unparalleled as stones are individually set by hand using traditional fine jewelry techniques. The DANI by Daniel K collection not only features glittering colorless simulated diamonds, but also offers brilliant bursts of color. Spinel and corundum are developed in the best labs in the world for use in the collection. These minerals, which come in all colors of the rainbow, provide a radiant and stunning pop of color.

High-end execution and symmetry of cuts ensure the most breathtaking fine jewelry pieces. DANI by Daniel K insists that each element that goes into the making of this collection is top-grade, as is the craftsmanship behind it.
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